SMS Spam a new technique to harass mobile subscribers

SMS Spam a new technique to harass mobile subscribers

A growing menace for Mobile Telephony Subscribers, SMS spam grows at unprecedented rate owing to loose legal controls and cheap SMS gateways

As we progress into a more technology capable world we start getting better services at cheaper rates, but then these same cheap rates for utilization of technology become a headache when used in the most irritating way to serve personal gains. Mobile Telephony has simplified everybody s lives, it has brought in people closer to each other, it has created a service industry of its own kind while servicing every other industry. We get news, stock updates, latest scores on our mobiles, life seems more comfortable than ever before until one fine day the mobile phone number gets added in the database of telemarketers or SMS based ad publishing groups, and that is when the bad time starts or rather said harassment starts.

While calls can be avoided by adding the mobile phone number to a don-not-call-registry and then taking a legal action if calls are made on Sundays or Public Holidays, same does not hold true with respect to SMS marketers. The SMS campaigns are allowed to be run on any day and at any given time. Corporations may boast that they follow ethics and do not send any SMS after midnight or before 6 AM, they are not bound by any law regarding the time of delivery.

The use of SMS marketing has opened up immense possibilities for legal commercial establishments but then it has also provided opportunities for undertaking fraudulent activities like the ever famous \'lottery scam\'. While the world may associate Lottery Scams with Nigeria or even Africa the reality is however different. Scams are being initiated even from developed countries like France and Italy. Every possible torture is inflicted on mobile subscribers with useless junk offers, bogus invitations and more, and that is exactly how SMS spam is used to harass people. Usually it is developing nations like India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam which are the most susceptible targets due to the widespread poverty in these areas. Thus SMS marketing or more profoundly said SMS Spam has become a headache in these countries. While the Telecommunications sector in every different country is governed by their own respective ministries, efforts are being made to act at global level against such activities. Those who have been harassed in the past by unending chain of SMS es are part of such groups. SMS Spam is nothing beautiful, it may be funny at times but for most of the part it is irritating.

SMS spam is growing at unprecedented rate and cheap SMS gateways are to be blamed for such. Even enterprising individuals use the system to execute their greedy intentions, all this owing to the loose legal controls on the system. Technique to spam in a veiled way too are being invented to avoid public ire. The menace of SMS Spam can be curbed with a group effort wit individual contributions. The more aware the people are about SMS spam the higher would be the probability that the Telecommunication ministry would take action against such. The mobile telephony system is for individual comfort, misusing it to carry on activities like SMS spamming is simply put unethical and unreasonable. Cheap SMS gateways are for genuine purposes of conveying wishes or instructions, corporations making use of it to spam with advertisements is just not fair. Stricter Laws against such an act is the only solution to keep it in check.

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Spammers utilizing Cheap SMS gateways to Spam on mobile

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