Tablet PC explained

Tablet PC explained

What is a Tablet PC? The capabilities of a Tablet PC. The reason why Tablet PCs are so cool. Everything Explained in a simple manner.

A Tablet PC used to be considered a cross between a notebook PC and a personal digital assistant (PDA) but now since the advent of smartphones, which replaced PDAs almost completely, A tablet PC is anything that is bigger than 7 inches in any single measurable dimension. It\'s a flat-panel portable PC in the form of a slate. A user inputs data either by tapping the screen with a stylus, or using the stylus to write directly on to the screen, in recent times the need for stylus has been completely disregarded, paving way for finger touch experience. The tablet PC can wirelessly connect to the Internet and other PCs and is intended to provide the power of a notebook in hand-held form.

The tablet PC comes loaded with software which is quintessential for its operation, it may even come pre-loaded with applications designed for the tablet PC. The tablet PC can also utilize a docking station for use with a monitor, keyboard, mouse, LAN or WAN, and other peripheral devices.

Owing to its portability, small size, greater ever-increasing performance capability, more memory size and innumerable connectivity options, Tablet PCs are fast capturing markets. Tablet Personal Computers are hot favorites among people who need to be connected on the go but need something more comfortable to operate than a mobile phone. Tablet PCs are also being touted as the perfect replacement for e-book readers and then even the paper newspapers. Tablet PCs these days can perform almost all the tasks that can be performed on a normal permanent Workstation,but in addition to it, they add a mobility feature to the user experience.

Currently Tablet PCs available in the market run on Windows Based, Linux Based or Apple Mac OS x based operating system. While Windows has been the first among the Tablet PC software framework provider, it has faced been highly cornered in Tablet PC market by Apple iPad. Linux Based Android Operating system has been creating waves and is soon fast catching up with iPad sales mark. Other Linux Based Tablet (Tab) Operating systems are MeeGo and OLPC. While iOS enjoys compatibility with iPhone Apps, the same holds true with Android based apps for Android OS running devices.

With recent increase in competition, the sky-high prices of Tablet based Computing devices are set to fall. While a Tablet PC may live upto the communication capabilities of a mobile phone, it is actually seen as a crusader against the Desktop and then even the Laptop Based Electronic Market.

Tablet PCs are fun to play with. While they are still not considered as the best solution for doing heavy work but their interactive capability is increasing everyday. With better processors, more memory capability and storage sizes, Tablet PC is turning into a revolution. While most people will have it explained that a Tablet PC may not be more than 12 inches long for any given dimension, the true maximum size is postulated to change as Tablet PCs make way for Flexible, Fold-able PCs which might be considerably bigger and much lighter than current Tablet PCs which have a weight range from between 0.5 pounds to 2 pounds. While a Tablet PC is a current HOT gadget to have, it may not take much time for a better and more sleek computing gadget to hit the market.

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Everything about Tablet PCs explained in a simple manner.

Poster: Simran
The only difference between a tablet PC and a desktop PC that I know about is that the tablet is powered by an intel atom processor also it has no optical drive while the desktop is powered by multi core processors and has optical drives like dvd reader and writer.
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