Vodafone free SMS

Vodafone free SMS

Free Vodafone SMS services, a gateway to send messages on the Vodafone mobile network. A service for private smses sending.

The one thing which people will never tell you on the internet is tat nothing comes for free. They keep on posting that there is a way to send free sms, but in reality there is not. A lot of people reading this article will say that, they can get free sms and send free sms, but is it really free?

Today the cost of sms has gone so low that it is affordable for anybody and everybody to send sms. The balance deduction is almost none. Yet still we run after gateways and services which allow us to send smses on our Vodafone number but also attach a junk advertising message to it. Its logical to think about how unromantic it would seem if your girlfriend or boyfriend receives your romantic sms with an advertisement of deodorant or kitchen cleaner on your Vodafone network phone. It would be an even worse impression if it is an advertisement of infertility clinic or house- cleaning services.

Your privacy is also jeopardized when you use free Vodafone sms services, especially from such web based organizations which may sell your private data to potential marketers. If the Vodafone network itself does that to you then you get the right to sue it, but you loose all ope when you voluntarily submit your info to these data miners. Your message could contain an address, a email id, hints of your password, your personal private data and much more.

Do not use free Vodafone sms service unless and until it is the company itself which is providing you this benefit or promotion. Keep your data safe, as it will affect only you. Also, there is a guarantee of compensation in case Vodafone jeopardizes your personal data but no guarantee of data protection by any free sms service provider. In case you are in dire need of free sms solutions for sending texts to Vodafone number and if a service to send free sms does exists then make sure to check their privacy policy and take a print out of the same before you start using their services frequently.

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Data mining, identity theft and other such problems arising due to the use of unsolicited free sms gateways for the Vodafone mobile network.

Poster: Ashique
Yea., i like this system, its good opportunity for making money but how to receave sms..

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