Vodafone is Happy To Harass

Vodafone is Happy To Harass

Real incident of harassment endorsed in the name of Vodafone Essar Ltd, a subsidiary of Vodafone Group

Vodafone Mobile Network
The website of Vodafone Essar ( India ) states the following about the Vodafone Company.
Vodafone is the worlds leading international mobile communications group with approximately 347 million proportionate customers as on 30 June 2010. Vodafone currently has equity interests in 31 countries across five continents and around 40 partner networks worldwide.
Being a company with presence all over the world and having a registered slogan Happy to Help. One would expect a lot from the service offered by Vodafone. But sadly its the opposite which is true. There are known incidences of people getting into a problem with customer service which is outsourced to developing English speaking countries like India, so one should not be amazed when the same treatment is being met out to Indian subscribers.

Happy to Harass:
That is exact experience which I encountered with a private firm which was given a task of converting prepaid connections into postpaid ones. The firm by the name Adventa Pvt Ltd, based in Andheri, (Mumbai) said that it gets the list of Vodafone prepaid subscribers from Vodafone itself which implied that it was working for Vodafone too. First they called up the mobile number belonging to my family member and promised about offers without declaring the hidden costs and assuring of things which were not possible. On affirmation for the service they sent a sales executive at my home, who straight away barged in the house, without even asking for permission. When he was was declined he did not leave, but instead made us talk to executives at his workplace. The executives were unable to understand the term NO and thus irritating me to an extent. The executives did not stop at that they kept on calling again, talking rubbish. Calls were not made from the customer side, calls were coming in even while they were asked not to call back. Finally the conversation ended with the on call executive abusing in a South Indian language.

Harassment: Yes , Politeness: No!
How would one feel being abused by an executive who claims he is a Vodafone Executive ? Why should I accept is abusive remarks and let go ? A local guy from Mumbai gets abused in a southern language, that is very unpleasing. I have not been a supporter of the Shiv Sena or MNS but now I partially do endorse into their thinking that outsiders should stay in their limits. Raising this issue with any of the political body would have been too early. I called up the Vodafone Nodal officer Ms Rashna N and informed her about the scene. She has promised to take action. I have provided the details of callers and everything else. I now await if the harassing callers would call back again. This time around a political reply would be more befitting Vodafone than cornering the Nodal Officer again.

The very next time I see an advertisement from Vodafone about being Happy to Help, I will simply consider them saying as Happy to Harass. There is a limit to what one can endure with corporates, these limits get breached at times and then its unto the corporation to restore back its good image. As long as sales executives like the ones I encountered today exist, Vodafone would never be able to fill in the role of a helpful mobile network, rather it would stay as a disgraced abusive and harassing mobile network.

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A harassment incident created due to lack of conduct guidelines laid by Vodafone

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