Wireless recharging technology

Wireless recharging technology

The coming of wireless recharging revolution. A technology achievement that is due to bring great changes in the field of mobile communications and mobility technology as a whole.

First we got wireless tele-calling, then started the era of wireless messaging and now we can not only send data wirelessly, but even do voice chat, video conference and much more. Wireless technologies have advanced by leaps and bounds. Given so much of development in wireless systems, a new revolution in mobility was inevitably due. The new revolution which will break all sorts of barriers in mobile communication systems is wireless recharging.

Wireless recharging is one technology currently under development. It is a technology of significant importance as it completely releases mobility devices from the grip of stable point recharging or hard wired recharging, thus opening avenues for unlimited opportunities.

Mobility devices include mobile phones, ipads, laptops, netbooks, tablet computers, remote controls etc. Also these devices work for as long as they contain a fully charged battery. The functioning of these devices stop as soon as the battery drains out, thus requiring either a fixed point recharging or complete replacement of battery units. This situation introduces a problem of necessity. It requires a person to be equipped with a charger and a charging point or replacement batteries. The situation becomes highly inconvenient when rechargeable units are not able to recharge due to either unavailability of power source or power failure. The shelf life of mobility units is short lived especially during emergency times like natural disaster or man-made calamity.

Wireless recharging will allow mobile phones to recharge while being in the wireless recharging range. The mobile phone would pick up energy rich signals in a certain spectrum and recharge itself to full power capacity. Wireless recharging would allow users to abandon carrying of mobile chargers everywhere. The technology will specifically empower those who are extremely busy folks and whose businesses or operations depend upon mobile connectivity.

As far as the question of this technology being pressed into use goes, its still in development stage and not much can be said right now, but it is true that the technology is a reality and has already been successfully built. Global electronics giant Sony demonstrated the use of this technology by remotely / wirelessly recharging one of its own manufactured mobile devices. A press release was made which accorded a success status to the wireless recharging trial.

The avenues which wireless recharging would create for enterprises are incalculable. We at darkwap hope that this technology becomes a reality sooner than expected.

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Phenomenal developments happening for wireless recharging especially for the mobile phone segment. The future may be without chargers and replaceable batteries.

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