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Everyday technological advancement articles, related and unrelated to mobile web. Compilation of useful, informative and trivial stuff related to many things. Updates and developments of technology happen at a rapid pace, this is just another resource mine to check upon and not to miss out on what is going on.

4G Mobile service network
Details about the 3G successor technology. Criteria for qualification of 4G mobile network in terms of speed and capacity requirement. Advanced mobile networking technology systems
Future mobile connectivity
4G network impact on total mobile connectivity in future. Optimum use of network resources for mobile communication purposes involving 2G, 3G, 4G and Wi-Max for bandwidth usage and
Mobile Photography
A useful tool in not only boosting creativity but also a weapon against many social evils like crime and corruption. Mobile photography is the future of effective journalism and mo
Image Copyrights for a mobile pic
A through guide on rights and respectful claims of a pic taken by a mobile camera user. Copyright issues surrounding mobile phones camera pics.
Mobile content download
A reality check of all illegal mobile content download found on internet including popular games, apps, multimedia files and more. A conscious call against piracy mobile content do
Advanced mobile technology
Increasing application of mobile technology in everyday work. Remote monitoring would be a reality. Allied manufacturing and services segment benefiting a lot from advanced mobile
Wireless recharging technology
Phenomenal developments happening for wireless recharging especially for the mobile phone segment. The future may be without chargers and replaceable batteries.
Radiation from mobile phones
Easy logical tips on minimizing radiation exposure from mobile phones and towers. The effect and hazards of cell phone radiation expose on human health.
Mobile network during emergency
Essential need of a mobile phone during various crisis like natural calamity, power failure, accident or health emergency.
Mobile Future
Upgrading of mobile phone and network technology to a new level. Best mobility and communication capability for future cell phones.

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