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Brief introductions to relatively new SEO system Mobile Search Engine Optimization, providing tips, tricks and ground realities of mobile web

Mobile SEO
Mobile search engine marketing and mobile search engine optimization are infant marketing/optimization techniques which have been just developed after mobile web started expanding globally. The total number of mobile sites has been growing at a crazy rate, something which has defied all expectation limits.In 2008, the total number of mobile web users exceeded desktop web users for the first time with mobile phone users being a large part of. It is postulated that there are more than 4.1 Billion mobile devices in the world today, outnumbering desktops by a ratio of 10 to 1 in certain countries. In many parts of Europe the number of mobile subcribers exceeds the total population of that specific area/country.

Search Engine Optimization
With the explosion in mobile web and a lot of developers coming into picture, there as now started a tremendous competition among the mobile enthusiasts who have been developing a lot of quality sites on mobile web. Mobile search engine optimization / marketing gives them an edge over each other. Trending search engines specifically Google, Yahoo, Bing etc being the major players in mobile search technology, Mobile SEO just cannot be ignored. AOK Mobile is the best place to put a little resources on for generation of huge incoming traffic. specializes in search engine submission and reevaluation of mobile site. Providing valuable data upon how the optimization should actually be done. specializes in bluetooth proximity marketing, a very new and novel way of employing technology for rapid pus of data such as site advertisements, offers, public initiatives etc. Usual conventional mobile marketing tools such as SMS, MMS, mobile Video, TV, Apps are also utilized by to quickly publicize the necessary data.

Mobile SEO Tips Tricks
AOK Mobile SEO also carries out polls, contests, quizzes to make the optimization completely fun process. If you are a mobile site developer then you need to take a look at AOK Mobile SEO

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