Android Central Mobile Site

Android Central Mobile Site

A information mobile site for Android based devices like Cell Phones and Tablet Pcs. Reviews of devices as well astheir accessories. Tips and solutions to various problems related to them. A true Android Central Portal.

Got an android based cell phone, want the latest buzz going on around the word regarding android phones., Comparisons of what is good in android and what is not, Reviews of various gadgets like mobile phones and tablet pcs that run on android based operating systems - you get the entire low down at one single place and that is Android Central.

Android Central is actually a PC based site if you are looking for interactive content. If you load the PC version on your mobile phone, it usually wont look pretty. It will be quite buggy to navigate and extremely difficult to post. Mobile browsers have not developed to the fuller power potential yet to grasp a PC based interface and do what the user wants to do. Hence there was a need for a mobile based information portal which would all the discussions, feedbacks, analysis, research, reviews and most importantly the advice on what is best!

When we say that Android Central has loads of info upon Android we actually mean that it compiles all the info about android devices. Since these days Android has become the most wanted OS for mobile manufacturers as they wish to junk the software development part, it becomes mandatory for Google to provide a better support for Android and develop it beyond anybodys expectations.

You may find criticism of other handhelds and Operating systems here, and the same for Android devices which fail to make a mark in customer satisfaction. You may even find various Android related tips and tricks on this mobile portal. Its easy to navigate the mobile site too.

Android Central mobile site is divided into 3 essential parts i.e. Informative articles, the entire discussion forum section and lastly the review section. If you are visiting this portal with your mobile phone then its best not to click the full version link as the page that would end up loading, would not be according to you liking.

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If you are an Android dude, you can check out Android Central mobile site at

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An informative mobile portal for all the info related to Android Operating System. Discussions on various Android based devices and their features. Reviews of tablets and mobile ru

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