Best mobile web sites

Best mobile web sites

A list of best mobile web sites found on the mobile internet. Useful and productive site listing to enjoy browsing net on cell phone.

There is a reason behind why a mobile site becomes superhit while some struggle to get any user. The answer lies in the essential part i.e. ease of use and productivity of the site with regard to the user. There are a lot many mobile sites out there, many for a single purpose i.e. application and multimedia file downloading and some for miscellaneous purposes. The following are few of the virtues of mobile sites that make them the best in their sphere.

Screen Adjusted: This is one important reason behind the failure of most mobile web sites from making into the list of successful sites. If you ignore the mobile screen adaption then you end up publishing a web page that pukes data in a very wrong format on the screen. A mobile website which does this will never find itself in the list of best.

Easy Navigation: A mobile web site visitor will never be fully satisfied with a single page site, he would want to navigate and explore it. Unless you are creating a landing page which will be lead generator or sales convertor, it is unwise to create a single page mobile site. Multi-page mobile web sites ought to have a proper navigation system to assist the mobile user to browse on site.

Productive: This is the USP of the mobile website. Unless the site offers something for download, service or something worthwhile to read or view, the site would be a waste. Flash based mobile sites are not compatible with most phones, similarly other interactive technologies cannot be used on mobile sites. Social communication is one forte which is well sited for mobile websites hence twitter was a huge success.

List of Best Mobile Web Sites:

Google link: This site has and will always remain the best place to search for anything on mobile web. The excellent part about it is the way in which it adapts the sites for mobile viewing.

Foursquare link: It is a location-based game and service conveniently available on mobile web, iphone and android coutesy to the GPS and LBS features of the phone.

Its My link: This is one place where you get to add real cool memorabilias in your phone. It can be a customized gangsta style name wallpaper or something else. The portal is complete fun to browse.

RockChat link: A place on mobile web where you can have decent chat without being flooded with spam. You can flirt with guys and girls from around the world without interferences from unwanted people. The zero abuse tolerance policy set by the staff there makes it the best mobile social network out there.

This is the first list of best mobile sites on the mobile net. These sites are well suited to be browsed by any mobile phone browser. In the future we will be adding a link here to more mobile sites. Or you can keep on checking the section i.e. Useful Mobile Sites to stumble upon other better mobile websites.

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Listing of cool mobile websites which makes them the best to surf. Reasons behind the success of a mobile site.

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