Earn and then even save on shopping at leading outlets (Offer only for Indians)

Earn and then even save on shopping at leading outlets (Offer only for Indians)

Earn by receiving sms, then save extra by using received sms coupon, create a network and even send free sms.

Yes, you can earn as well as save with your mobile. All you need is your mobile number and a pc connection (even opera mini will work just fine) to register properly on a portal. The process of such will be explained in later paragraphs. Firstly I will explain how exactly things work.

Consider you have a mobile number, which these days most of the folks have and it does not matter if the mobile number is from Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, Videocon, Loop, Reliance, Tata Docomo, Aircel, MTS or Virgin Mobile what matters is a number where you can receive an sms. So what is the deal about SMS ? Well, the SMS you receive will not be related to a joke or news service, it will be an sms purely meant to be an advertisement message but it will not be a nuisance. The following are the reasons why you will love to receive advertisement SMS:
- The Advertisement is for a local based store / service provider.
- The sms advert usually carries a coupon code to save money on products at nearby local outlets.
- Brand awareness of newly setup local stores and service outlets to check out.
- You arenot forced to buy anything.
- You earn money even while you are doing nothing other than receiving an sms.

Take Big Bazaar for example: There is at-least one BigBazaar outlet in all major Indian Cities, It is one place where you get great discounts. Now if anybody was to provide you a coupon code to save 500 Rs. on a purchase of anything in excess of Rs. 4000, how cool will that be? First you are already saving some 1000 Rupees after buying products with the final bill to be 4000 Rs. or more on top of that you get money back, courtesy to a coupon code which you receive via a free SMS for which you eventually are paid for! Nothing can get better than this. Can it?

Following is the simple registration procedure which you would need to follow in order to receive the above free yet exclusive special benefits / discounts.
Easy Free Tip to earn via mobile phone.
1) Register at Mginger via your PC or Opera Mini browser.
2) Verify your mobile number as well as email address. Both are important details, without which you will not be able to earn anything.
3) After successful verification, login into your account and select all preferences in the preferences segment. Selecting all preferences guarantees that you get the maximum revenue as well as opportunity.
4) In the preferences section itself select the boxes related to Receive ads about Any new Products/Services and Receive emails about Any Products/Services.
5) Make sure that Receive calls about Any Products/Services Option is unselected, as you will not be paid for receiving calls and it is more sort of a nuisance.
6) Invite your friends to join the network via free SMS invite tool. When they join and verify themselves, you will earn much more than ever expected.

Mginger has been there since 2007 and it is no fraud or scam as people have been payed and have benefited a-lot from its free sms coupons. So just Register / Sign Up and enjoy free and easy earning on mobile phone and money saver coupons. But remember to verify your number, without it, you will not be able to enjoy the free goodies on mobile

The above offer is strictly for Indians i.e Citizens of Republic of India, we are however on a look out for such easy money earning offers at global / world levels. When we find one, we will surely share it with everybody here.

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DarkWAP.mobi > Useful Mobile Sites > Earn and then even save on shopping at leading outlets (Offer only for Indians)
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Earn via sms and then even save on shopping at leading outlets

Poster: Earn by mginger
Mginger provides easy way to earn via mobile phone. First it rewards you by paying for the new signups that you make by popularising their service. It pays you for receiving sms and then it rewards you with discount. I love this way of earning easy money

Poster: Rocker
This earning system is cool. I find it incredibly great to just create a link of sms subscribers and earn money when they receive an advertisement message. Its a win-win situation for everybody. This is the easiest method to earn money via web or social networking.

DarkWAP.mobi > Useful Mobile Sites > Earn and then even save on shopping at leading outlets (Offer only for Indians)