Google Mobile Search

Google Mobile Search

Google mobile technology solutions to connect with the internet and search for data on web. Convenient applications to enhance cell phone search via apps as well as online tools.

Over the years Google has become the life and breath of internet surfers. People have even fallen in love with most of Google Technologies and Innovations especially its web search feature. While there has been a considerable competition for Google Search, it still beats all of it with a wide margin. Times are so bad for other search engines that a certain search engine called Bing has started to pay users for using its free services. While any search engine can zoom ahead of Google in its web search turf someday, as of now Google remains the unmatched best search engine for web users. This article will give you reasons that will make you acknowledge that Google is also the best mobile search engine too.

Over a period of time, there has been rapid technology development with regard to the kind of devices that are used to get connected with the global internet network. Mobile devices are few of such gadgets which have started claiming a large share of web data access. As of 2011, about 15 percent of the web traffic is considered to be originating from mobile devices. Big technology giants like Google sensed that since mobile devices with limited capabilities connect with the internet, they would require a special customized web search tool and for this Google has developed not just one but numerous solutions. Google Mobile is at the forefront to serve mobile data connections and the following is how it keeps itself ahead of all by providing usable mobile solutions.

If you own an iPhone then its cool to download Google Search App on your iPhone, thus adding productivity to it. The Google iPhone App can be downloaded from here.

If you do not own an iPhone but instead own any other standard internet enabled cellphone then a certain generic application of Google mobile search for your phone can be found at this link.

Apart from application installs, Google provides for a mobile specific based search wapsite at the following links:
Google xHTML Mobile Search: Generic Mobile compatible xHTML web pages search.
Google PDA Search: A search engine custom designed for Web searching via a PDA.
Google Mobile Search: The most easy to remember Google mobile search address for cell phone users.

If a person wants to search the entire web but locate only those net pages which are tagged mobile friendly then the same can be achieved through modifying a certain search variable. This Link would be the most preferred and recommended link if one wants to get Google search results with regard to only mobile friendly content.

Google has lend its search engine support to mobile phones right from the time when WML used to be the preferred web document type for browsing on a mobile phone. People can still utilize the WML based searching system via this link. Thus Google is supporting this entire system of interconnected devices (including mobility devices). The organization always makes things convenient for regular netizens. Hope this informative article helps everybody who is looking out for a Google mobile search system for the mobile phone.

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Connect and search the internet with Google mobile search system.

Poster: Arsi
So many different ways to search on my mobile devices makes me wonder if there is a specialized search engine for tablet pc and other such new smaller devices. Google has done alot to make mobile experience better.

Poster: Tanaka
Google has invested alot in the mobile portfolio. The services offered by Google with regard to mobile web development are very productive. These tools are mobile friendly and at the same time so very easy to use. Mobile search results quality is at par and sometimes even better than web search quality and search rankings.
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