PhoneDog reviews for mobile phones and cellphone news

PhoneDog reviews for mobile phones and cellphone news

Get latest and updated mobile news, phone reviews and feature analysis from PhoneDog. Interesting video review of most phones and features.

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If you are a Mobile Enthusiast then it will be total blasphemy to miss one mobile reviews and news portal called PhoneDog. A portal with updated news about the mobile industry and informative phone reviews to help out select the best mobile phone to buy.

The reviews are backed with a lot of simplified technical jargon talk which any average Joe would be able to understand. There is an in-depth analysis about the strong and the weak side of a cell phone. The features of a mobile and its effectiveness are also taken into account. Any news surrounding the mobile phone or the technology applied for it is given due credential. The Editors at Phone Dog do not leave you into a confused state of mind, they make everything crystal clear for you to go ahead and make a better purchase.

PhoneDog Reviews
PhoneDog even provides a video for all the phone reviews that it does. The video presenter makes sure that all aspects of the mobile phone are covered, detailing all facts and data related to the cell phone. If some phone feature is considerably unconventional, new or confusing to understand then the anchor goes ahead and provides a dive operational demo of the respective cellphone feature. The review videos also contain a considerable amount of tweaks and tips which are quite essential to understand and gauge the productivity of phone and if a purchase decision is really worth it. Just a boring web static review is one thing and an interactive entertaining video review of mobile phones is a completely great offering. PhoneDog scores immensely in this particular section.

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While PhoneDog has for its disposal the best of the phone reviewers, their reviews still do not cut the boring redundant part of a mobile phone review. Factors like Value for Money, overall rating like in are found missing in their phone reviews. Also their mobile version site does not live up-to the expectation. Riddled with errors they need to improvise upon it. Sparing few unsatisfactory aspects of the mobile news and phone reviews portal - PhoneDog is quite a great source for many tings related to mobiles.

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Cellphone review portal for any information related to mobiles. Useful to purchase best phone.

Poster: Gracy
I was a big fan of phonedog reviews when their old editor used to work with them. His reviews used to be very interesting ones. I lost interest in that review portal when he left. Its simply not the same anymore.
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