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List of exclusive wap sites which can be surf via mobile phone, non mobile sites are mobilize here.

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One of the best places to get your wap site listed, searched as a mobile friendly or mobile service providing site. SurfWAP works on the simple system of traffic exchange. The more the number of hits a mobile site sends to the the directory the more better positioned the site gets in the ranking system. In order to avoid too many junk sites surfWAP follows a simple yet effective system called moderation. One needs to place the Surf wap banners on their sites in order to get approval from site moderator, the approval is usually done within 20 days.

Surf WAP sites lists all sites in a well structured manner with categories as follows

TOP 20 : List of top 20 sites who sent back maximum hits to surfwap

Last Added : Most recent 15 sites which have been included in the directory

Downloads : Listing of wap sites providing Ring tones, Games, Videos and more

Entertainment : List of sites related to TV, Music or Jokes galore

Mobiles and Technology : Technology related wapspace dealing with various electronic gadgets, mobiles, PDA s, smart phones etc

Portal and Search : Listing of mobile directories and mobile search portals

Society and Culture : Content rich sites based on fashion, lifestyle and shopping

Sports and Recreation : Everything related to various sporting games, events such as football, motor sports etc

Along with all these sections, the directory is also arranged according to geographical regions

In surfwap all sites are listed in a way such that the ones who have been sending maximum hits back are listed at the top or front, hence you will come across live sites and not dead ones when you browse through it

Mobile sites Directory
If you are a wapmaster, its highly recommended that you get your site listed at More power for your site. Also if your site is non mobile friendly, mobilize is not a huge problem as all the link outs are to a mobilize version of your site. Surfwap is one of the first of a kind traffic exchange site and hence there a consistent in and out flow of traffic through its mobile websites directory. Anti-cheat and anti spam systems being in place one can be rest assured that the mobile web traffic gets well circulated throughout the mobile websites directory. Also there is a high chance of your site being stumbled upon by search engine crawlers thus increasing your site value. Surfwap is truly something not to be missed upon, and on top of it its absolutely free for being listed with various exclusive wap sites. They do not charge even a penny for having your site listed with them.

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List of exclusive wap sites which can be surfed via mobile phone

Poster: Mayur
I do not like surfwap service. They take alot of time to approve the site, most of the sites there do not have proper listings and show fake hits. I try to avoid surfwap but bad site owners hide the link of surfwap under various texts
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