Watch HiTV on your mobile phone as live television channel

Watch HiTV on your mobile phone as live television channel

HiTV available as mobile phone tv stream for african users with programs based on african entertainment. Watch live soccer matches, latest news and movies on your smartphone.

HiTV offers a fresh new programming approach that combines the best of international content with the highest quality local programs. With a glittering menu of several world-class television channels, HiTV offers the best value in on-screen entertainment available in Africa.

HiTV is a perfect Africa based entertainment portal and can be viewed on mobile phone at this link. The mobile TV channel stream is free to watch. You may however get charged for data transfer cost depending on your service provider. If you have visited this page via your mobile device default browser then you just need to click here and your smartphone will start streaming live TV after launching a media streaming program. Such a system is known to work on almost all smartphones and every other GPRS or 3g enabled phone manufactured recently. The service works on 2g based slow network internet connections too. If this trick does not work then install Real media player app or any application i.e. media player which lets you open network stream on your mobile phone. You can then access live HiTV on your cellphone. PC users can copy the streaming link and open it via any media player which has capabilities of streaming content. Enjoy watching free mobile TV on your smartphone.

HiTV cover a whole lot of entertainment elements. From thrilling live soccer coverage, the latest news from around the globe, non-stop movies and entertainment, gripping series, sitcoms, and kids entertainment to vibrant music programming - HiTV prides itself on the quality and range of choice we offer.

And, of course, it is proudly Nigerian. Specialist channels for Indian and Arab viewers, for instance, offer great exclusive programming that you simply won\\\'t find anywhere else.

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Live soccer coverage for matches in Africa, latest global news, movies and a lot of entertainment on HiTV mobile television channel.

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