mbendi .mobi The world in your mobile

mbendi .mobi The world in your mobile

All the essential needs of the world in your mobile with Directories, Accommodation, Event, Venues, Restaurants, Bars, Travel Attractions, Service Stations, Organisations, News, People, Continents, Countries, Regions, Places and more

Mbendi Mobile : A one stop mobile profile for all the necessary information. With relevant and useful info spanning across the net Directories, Stay and Accommodation, Various Events, Available Venues, Nearest Restaurants, Bars, Long Travel, Local Attractions, Service Stations, Organisations, Needful News, in relation to People, Continents, Countries, Regions and Places. Mbendi has little something available for almost everything. An unparalleled portal, a .mobi which puts the world in your hands / mobile. MBendi.mobi is specifically designed for business people and travellers using a hand-held device on the move.

Directories for the world
MBendi.mobi provides details of people, organisations, accommodation, restaurants, event venues, travel attractions and news, all interlinked. MBendi s information on Africa is supposed to be the most comprehensive one on the Internet. While the information on other continents is less extensive, each day visitors from around the world use the * My MBendi * section of the MBendi.com website to add details of their organisations and properties. A network having all the required potential to grow more and be a stalwart atleast in the mobile web.

Multi Language Support
Even while core information, such as news items and descriptions of companies and properties, is in the language of origin, usually English,The Navigation and framework is available in at-least 32 languages at the moment. With the Fifa World Cup being held in Africa ( South Africa ) and crowds expected from all over the world, mbendi becomes more of a necessity especially with a mobile phone interface. The 32 available language interfaces include 12 indigenous African languages, as well as the home language of most of the teams competing in the 2010 FIFA World Cup Tournament. The African languages supported are Afrikaans, Arabic, IsiNdebele, IsiXhosa, IsiZulu, Kiswahili, Sepedi, Sesotho, Setswana, SiSwati, TsiVenda and Xitsonga. With such a support,its rare that one would be lost in the multi-lingual crowd.

Mbendi publishes information in a very easy to use Graphic User Interface ( GUI ) , for the mobile version it definitely is a simple and easy one. Publishing information in terms of various directories with regard to the section and continent makes it easy to navigate and find the relevant information. Not such a huge mobile information portal at the moment, mbendi will definitely grow in future.

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